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Book description: In a culture saturated with superficial Christianity and easily obtained grace, Nicole Benoit-Roy elevates her connection with Christ to profound depths. Embracing Christianity has been a continuous journey of discovery about her newfound Savior, Jesus Christ. Committed to perpetual learning, she, an educator by profession, embraces the role of a lifelong student. Delving into the intricacies of the cross, she unravels its significance in her existence. Contemplating the depths of Christ’s suffering, she discerns that His agony underpins every blessing she experiences. In her book, “What I Gain Through His Pain,” Nicole shares her narrative, underscoring the profound impact of the cross and expressing profound gratitude for the pain endured by Christ.

Ms. Nicole Benoit-Roy’s engaging writing style makes this a fascinating read, one that provides insight into Haitian culture and some of the challenges of assimilating into American culture. Most importantly, she shares God’s marvelous working in her life. This book is eye opening and inspiring..

I pray that the Lord will bless her writing ministry. She has a talent for writing in a way that grips the reader. I found it difficult to put the book down and was really caught up in the story. I especially liked the part where she talked about living for God. It was written with conviction, simplicity and straightforwardness. I appreciated reading old time religion. I believe that God will bless that which glorifies Him.–Myra Omeler, RN, BSN

Being a woman, born in a foreign land, which she still adores, a wife, a mother to an only child, an educator, and a churchgoer, Nicole has been a completely absorbed individual with lots on her plate. Yet, she finds time to fulfill her ultimate dream, which she holds dearly, to become an author. With this book in which she describes her ordeal, adapting herself to her new life in America, Nicole poignantly exposes the hard way to true and brilliant success. Hence, the reasons I recommend this autobiography to those still struggling for success.–Jean-Claude Blaise, M.S. Ed.

Nicole is an amazing woman. She immigrated from Haiti, has overcome language and cultural conflicts, is highly educated, and is a woman fully devoted to God. Her book will inspire you.-Patricia Renard Scholes, Author of the Lorekeeper series

I agree. Faith is the only universal power there is in all ways. Right and wrong.

What a wonderful testimony this author gives of her life and her relationship with Christ. “What I Gain Through His Pain,” author Nicole Benoit-Roy ‘shares her story from childhood to the present time ‘about the benefit of the cross as she expresses gratefulness for His pain.’

“Impressive, Nicole. May you be blessed beyond measure with this timely work. So inspiring.”

Hey, I’m not sure how to begin this, but two weeks ago, I decided to chop off my long hair for a change. Just two days ago, I ordered two wigs from an online store. When the first one arrived, I tried it on and immediately sensed something was off. I thought, maybe I’ll give it a shot later. Today, I mustered the courage to try it again, and I can’t quite explain it, but it just felt wrong. It’s almost like an unsettling feeling. I’m usually not one to see everything as a sin, but following my instincts and personal experience, I’ve decided that wigs aren’t for me. -Nena

Felt so hopeless looking for answers to my questions until now.

This is a neat summary. Thanks for sharing!

You’re a real deep thinker. Thanks for sharing.

Book description: Nicole Benoit-Roy, in her book “Are Christians Wearing Wigs? Wigs Can Kill!” narrates the revelation she had while braiding her hair with extensions, leading her on a quest for answers. Despite the widespread use of wigs in society, the author unveils the potential dangers they pose, affecting even unsuspecting Christians. The book delves into crucial insights, addressing:-The possible curses associated with wigs-Biblical perspectives on cursed items-Reasons urging Christians to avoid wearing wigs

Incredible, just incredible! Expressing my amazement is a challenge, but let me start by saying this book is exceptionally interesting, enlightening, thought-provoking, and confirming, among other things. The confirmation aspect resonates deeply with me because, initially, I was not a fan of wigs or any hair extensions. However, during a shopping outing with a friend who regularly wears them, I decided to try them on and eventually bought one. Subsequently, I began enjoying getting my hair crocheted.

Then, a revelation struck me one day, prompted by what I believe to be the Holy Spirit. It dawned on me that we use hair from various sources globally without knowing its previous owner. I contemplated the spirits possibly attached to the hair. Although the thought crossed my mind multiple times, I dismissed it as somewhat irrational. Your boldness in addressing this matter is commendable. I plan to share this eye-opening perspective.

Thank you, sister, for shedding light on this matter with respect. Even before reading your article, I’ve been engaging in gentle discussions with many of our sisters about what the Bible says regarding this issue, and your insights are spot on. It’s true that many in the body of Christ are struggling to find peace at night due to the spiritual unrest associated with certain hair products. They may wonder why they can’t experience deliverance from seductive spirits and various personalities that disrupt their minds or lead them to behave in ways unbecoming of a Child of God/Christian.

I sincerely share this truth with God’s people – let’s not conform to the ways of this world. God has blessed each of us with beautiful and unique hair textures, and as the people of CUSH, we should embrace and celebrate that distinctiveness. -Thomas

I strongly advise against wearing fake hair, and I say this from personal experience – twice. The devil targets God’s people, and I unknowingly fell into that trap. Found a beautiful human hair wig on sale in Texas, being from Detroit. It seemed like a great deal, so I went for it. Wearing it to bed one night turned strange. I became overly attached to the wig, losing sight of my true self and engaging in bizarre behavior. I felt like I forgot who I was and started acting out of character, driven by the illusion that this wig would somehow elevate me. One day, while sitting in my apartment, the wig appeared almost lifelike, and I screamed in terror. I threw it on the floor, looked at it in disgust, and promptly tossed it in the trash 🙏🏻. Fast forward a month, I found myself in a rush for hair products and, regrettably, ended up at the wig store 🤦🏻‍♀️. Bought another wig, not human hair this time, thinking it couldn’t come alive. My mom playfully commented that I thought I was Cardi B (in a nice voice). However, later, I pondered whether witches wore wigs, and Google confirmed they did! That realization was enough for me. Then, I stumbled upon this article and felt compelled to repent sincerely. The warning was sufficient; there was no need to keep testing it. I felt terrible and prayed twice. DON’T WEAR THEM!!!!! #testimony -Jade Hatcher

I completely resonate with your sentiments, Sister Nicole. The first time I tried sewing a wig onto my head, it was an uncomfortable experience. I couldn’t sleep at night, and my body felt itchy, particularly in areas where the hair touched. The wig didn’t last long on my hair, and I avoided it after opting for braids. Subsequently, I ended up cutting my hair so poorly that my school friends openly mocked me. – Josefine

The book underscores a crucial message – the importance of what lies beneath the surface transcends the superficiality of one’s hairstyle. It particularly emphasizes the need, especially for the Black community, to prioritize the contents of our minds and hearts. The cautionary reminder not to let external appearances become a substitute for God is profound. Thought-provoking questions challenge readers to reflect on their priorities, prompting considerations about the allocation of resources, such as money spent on personal grooming versus charitable contributions. The book encourages a shift in focus from mere aesthetics to meaningful engagements with faith and altruism, urging readers to ponder the regrets often expressed by individuals on their deathbeds concerning the value of time spent on trivial matters.– Parris Lane

Book description: In “Gossip Stings,” Author Nicole Benoit-Roy candidly shares her personal experience as a victim of workplace gossip. Through her compelling narrative, she unveils the detrimental effects of gossip in professional settings and offers practical strategies for overcoming its toxic influence. With faith as her guiding light, Nicole demonstrates how she triumphed over the stings of gossip and emerged stronger than ever. This book serves as a powerful resource for individuals seeking to discourage gossip, maintain integrity, and set a positive example in their workplace.

In “Gossip Stings,” you will discover how to:

Discourage gossip in the workplaceRefrain from participating in gossipEstablish a standard of behavior that fosters a healthy work environment

Join Nicole Benoit-Roy on her transformative journey and learn how you too can rise above the gossip and reclaim your professional dignity.

Book description: “16 Tips On How To Respond To Gossipers In The Workplace” offers invaluable guidance for navigating the treacherous waters of workplace gossip with grace and integrity. In this comprehensive guide, readers will discover a treasure trove of practical strategies and sage advice to effectively address gossip in professional settings.

Written by Dr. Nicole Benoit-Roy, this book draws upon her personal experience as a victim of workplace gossip to provide readers with actionable tips for responding to gossip in a manner that preserves relationships and upholds professional standards. From setting boundaries to redirecting conversations, each tip is carefully crafted to empower readers to confront gossipers with confidence and poise.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a newcomer to the workforce, “16 Tips On How To Respond To Gossipers In The Workplace” equips you with the tools you need to navigate gossip-induced conflicts with tact and diplomacy. Say goodbye to workplace drama and hello to a more harmonious and productive work environment.

Book description: Embark on a Journey of Spiritual Transformation, Evangelism, and Personal Growth with “Spiritual Advice for Your Spiritual Needs”Are you seeking guidance on your spiritual journey while also feeling called to spread the message of Christ? Look no further than ‘Spiritual Advice for Your Spiritual Needs,’ a comprehensive and insightful resource designed to empower you on your path towards spiritual growth, evangelism, and personal development.

Within the pages of this transformative book, acclaimed spiritual coach [Author’s Name] offers a unique blend of wisdom and practical advice to help you deepen your connection with the divine and become an effective evangelist for Christ. Drawing from ancient teachings and modern insights, [Author’s Name] provides actionable steps and profound insights to address your spiritual needs while also equipping you with the tools to share the message of Jesus with others.

But that’s not all – ‘Spiritual Advice for Your Spiritual Needs’ also contains a transformative 21-Day Spiritual Coaching for Beginners program. Through this program, you’ll embark on a structured journey of self-discovery, spiritual growth, and evangelism. Each day, you’ll receive guidance, exercises, and reflections designed to help you deepen your faith, develop your evangelism skills, and integrate spiritual practices into your daily life.

Whether you’re grappling with questions of faith, seeking guidance on relationships, or striving to live a more purposeful life, ‘Spiritual Advice for Your Spiritual Needs’ offers the guidance and inspiration you need to thrive both spiritually and as an evangelist. Through heartfelt anecdotes, practical exercises, and timeless truths, [Author’s Name] guides you toward a deeper understanding of yourself, the world around you, and your role in spreading God’s love.

If you’re ready to embark on a journey of spiritual transformation, evangelism, and personal growth, then ‘Spiritual Advice for Your Spiritual Needs’ is the perfect companion for your quest. Let this book be your trusted guide as you navigate the ups and downs of life, deepen your faith, and confidently share the message of Christ with those around you.”

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Click here to get Book Reviews – Nicole Roy Ministries at discounted price while it’s still available…

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